Dr. Aylah Clark

Dr. Aylah Clark is a naturopathic physician currently practicing at Whole Health Wellness Center in Avon, CT where her focus is on prevention and treatment of chronic conditions like autoimmune disorders, gastrointestinal symptoms, cardiovascular disease, weight loss/body composition challenges including lipedema, and unexplained fatigue.

By combining her clinical research experience and love for science and nature she has tailored her approach to health using a functional medicine, systems-based methodology to diagnosis and treatment, using evidence-based natural interventions that work with the body’s own healing processes.

She believes our health and well-being are intrinsically tied to the natural world around us, and by practicing naturopathic medicine it allows her to personalize her approach to healthcare, allowing for effective, low-force interventions inspired by nature. Treatments are designed using a personalized lifestyle medicine approach, taking into account genetic factors, personal history, the microbiome, and more.

For more information or to schedule an appointment go to www.wholehealthllc.com


Dr. Aylah Clark

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